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Does Nibiru support WebVR and Cordova based apps?

We've tried with Peekus and Deepoons, and the apps open in a small window in front of the viewer because they use the browser or CrossWalk to run.  We have the Oculus SDK in the app, but this is not being recognised. The app runs full 360 view in Oculus and Samsung Gear VR.

Can you tell me if Nibiru will allow full VR with this app or will force it to run in the browser window?

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Nibiru can support WebVR. You can develop a full-screen app using Andorid webview, and webview can load your WebVR website. Then in Android Manifest you can add a category in Main filter to disable system VR rending mode.

<category android:name="com.nibiru.intent.category.NVR" />


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Great thanks Steven, I'll get some devices and have a go.
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Thanks Steven, this is working.

I'm getting very slow performance, I'm trying to work out if it's because of the browser. I've installed Chrome but it doesn't seem to be using it. Will keep trying, thanks.
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