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What online database is right for me?

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Hi there,

I have a pretty sprawling collection that I have organized in an Excel spreadsheet. Now I'd like to be able to start utilizing an online database (like MTGGoldfish, Deckbox, etc.) but I have a really unfriendly way that my spreadsheet is set up in terms of uploading an inventory. For each new set, I basically create a new sheet in Excel where I inventory all the new cards, and then remove them once I have a playset, leaving only the cards that I don't have. I've attached an image to help illustrate what I'm talking about. For example, this is what I don't own in the Kahns block. I have playsets of every card in KTK, every card in FRF except for Ugin (which I have zero of), and most cards in DTK (the numbers indicate how many I own, and I would delete the line once I own a playset). Is there an easy way to tell a website, "Include four of everything from this set but Ugin?" Same for DTK, except there are more cards that I don't have any or full playsets of. Or even KTK, where I do have a playset of every card. I can't imagine manually going over every card...


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Hi  We don't know anything about your problem,it doesn't look like our Nibiru SDK problem.
So,sorry about that.
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