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Nibiru VR Development Other Tools Question about ambisonic sound in Nibiru VR System

Question about ambisonic sound in Nibiru VR System

JoanIralta Post time 2018-9-27 06:24 | Show all posts [Copy URL]
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My name is Joan and I'm from an audiovisual producer company called Iralta.

We're developing a 360º video. Our HMD is called V8C, with version 3.10.005 and vr version vr0348/20170707151939, cpu is 8 cores at 1.8GHz, 12GB storage and 2GB of memory.

We need to display a 360º video with the ambisonic sound like this ( I tried to display this video in native video app of Nibiru but ambisonic sound was lost.

Do you know how to display a local video without internet connection and the ambisonic sound?


Joan Hueso

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Post time 2017-11-15 15:31 | Show all posts
Hi, Joan,

Currently, nibiru local player does not support ambisonic sound. We plan to add this feature in future version.

You can develop a video player by using Nibiru Studio. We provide Media UI component to display video frame,  and you can use some ambisonic sound SDK to support you achieve your function.

Post time 2018-9-27 06:24 | Show all posts
Hi Steven,  
Following up on this topic, has anything changed with regard to ambisonic audio?
Hope there had been some progresses from Nibiru.

Also, we are developing a 360° video player, using Unity.
Do you have any recommendation about a supported audio decoder for Ambisonic to play on nibiru AIO?

Thank you and best regards,
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