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Positional tracking question...

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sorry if this has been discussed I couldn't find something relevant to it though.

I know they are planning positional tracking for the rift, but was wondering if the hardware to make it happen is in the rift devkit already and support just hasn't arrived for sdk yet. I was just wondering how indie developers are supposed to account for this when the retail release gets here. obviously the big companies will get to use positional tracking before the rest of us in the dev stage and will have full features for there games on release when the retail rift launches. just curious if there will there be a possibility for indie developers (not meaning consumers) to get hands on positional tracking before the launch of the retail version or just have to wait till then and add it to our games/experiences after the fact?

I suppose not all developers are going to have a finished product by release, and hydra hacks can help with testing in the meantime, but fine tuning won't be possible until there are hands on with the rifts pt. not a problem or anything just wondering if any plans are there to cater for the indie developers before the fact.

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I think your question is confusing and you have wrote four same posts.
Now We do not have some sdk support about positional tracking.
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