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I have been using TVPaint on Linux for a while now. I'm happy with the drawing and animation tools (although it took a while to get used to some things), but I've found the audio handling to be so buggy that it seems impossible to finish my project using only TVPaint Linux. It seems I will either have to add the audio later in another program or find some Windows computer to finish it on. I haven't tried it on Windows yet (since I only use Linux) so I don't know for sure if it works any better, but I guess so since other people get things done.
Initially I had some problems with the speed of the playback, but I was able to figure that out. My files had different sampling rates, not all of them were in stereo and the project frame rate was wrong. I've fixed that. The remaining problem is that TVPaint adds static noise in the background randomly. I am sometimes able to get rid of it by choosing "reload all sounds files", restarting TVPaint or various other tricks, but the more audio files I add the less likely I seem to be to be able to circumvent the bugs. I spend so much time being angry and trying to get rid of that terrible noise that eventually I just get tired and give up without having made any progress at all with the project itself.I hope it will be possible to solve this problem. Let me know what I can do to help you fix it. TVPaint is excellent except for this bug.I record most of the audio (my own voice) with Audacity. The audio files sound as they should in other players. I tried some files from the internet too -- no change.

Please help.

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