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The Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS I purchased to use with FS2 isn't working out as well as I'd hoped for flying in VR/WMR. Since WMR controllers don't work in FS2 yet, pretty much everything you need to do while in VR has to be such that you can do it by "braille". The TM16000 (sans HOTAS throttle) has 18 programmable functions, which should be enough in most situations. But I'm wondering if I should add the HOTAS throttle option (which adds more buttons), or go with something like the Logitech Yoke system. I prefer to fly single engine aircraft that use a sick. I use trims for different conditions (like in a real airplane -- of which I have a pilot's license) -- cruise, slow flying, landings, etc. There seems to be a need for pretty much the following functionality at your fingertips while in VR mode: A/E/R trims, flaps, gear, brakes, internal views, follow views, external views, autopilot on/off, HUD. Optional: pause, landmarks.
What are you VR flyers finding is the best way for controlling things while "under the VR hood"?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Dear Joseph,

I haven't even considered WMR controllers (or anything in those lines) for flight sims. I admit I'm more into space sims and some giant robot piloting than "realistic flight sims" but I had to look into the same problem you got now. Long story short (think PC-based input):

- VoiceAttack
- Cheap alternatives to the Logiteh G13; if you can snap some textured keycaps (rugged, different feel for each key) it may work better for you; you'll have to find the one that better fits your case.
- Leap Motion + "touch controls". I do this in my projects; I mean, I make touchable controls you can switch on/off with your hands, dials you can turn and such, but I haven't seen big name companies implementing those. I also combine those with a HOTAS/dual joystick set up, so most of the time your hands are grabbing the physical controls and you only need LM for very specific & non-combat related functions (adjusting fuel mix, repairs, pre/post flight stuff...).
- In extreme cases a HOTAS/dual joystick + mini gaming keyboard can do the trick. But again, for those cases I'd pick VoiceAttack.

Also, I'm yet to try the Virtoba S1/Daydream controller. I don't even know if that will work in Nibiru but I think I'll find out next month. I'll let you know if I actually get my hands on one of those.

I hope it helps, I can provide additional details on my various setups if you like.
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Hi guys,

I've noticed I was replying to a bot (Joseph) which is spamming a link to all over the forums. A shame it's such an "active user". I hope some forum moderators can take action...

Again, reported and hope it will be gone for good as soon as possible.

Did I forget to say "kind regards"?
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