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2018 3rd Nibiru N+ AI/AR/VR International Technology Summit Invitation Letter

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N+” conference is a gathering for industry leaders and practitioners in the field of new International technologies such as VR, AR, and AI. The success of the two summits of 2016 and 2017 has made the summit a great worth gathering for AI/AR/VR practitioners all over the world. What are the highlights for the third N + conference in 2018?
Now let's see six highlights this year:

Cooler and more dazzling opening show

This summit presents a show, One Day of Smart Life, for the guests, in which people will use AR glasses in every scene of life and work. The summit consists of many areas, from industrial control, autopilot to the overall home Internet of Things solution, and man-machine Go war. The opening show will bring the infinite imagination of AR/VR application scenarios.

More global top scene companies around the world

The summit combines the IOT scenarios of the over 70% of IoT module companies around the world, the new ideas of operators, and the top-level education companies with the largest shipments worldwide. In addition, the future intelligent driving and artificial intelligence algorithm company's scene blessing on the AR/VR industry will enable global AI/AR/VR practitioners to have a clearer understanding of the entire industry.

More and more complete Industry chain

The 3rd summit covers all aspects of the global AI/AR/VR industry chain, including processor chips, sensors, SLAM, gesture recognition, voice algorithms, complete machines, ODM/OEM, channels, molds, optics, and modules. Participants here can find vendors at any point in the industry chain to understand all the issues in the AI/AR/VR supply chain.

Concentrated debut of new products

A series of new AR/VR headsets built-in Qualcomm 835/845 chips from Nibiru's partner will be displayed in the summit. A variety of machines equipped with SLAM functions will also be launched simultaneously. Machines that use multiple brands of VR9 chips to watch the scenes will also be here to meet you.

More offline and sub-forum activities

Except for the summit, Nibiru will launch abundant offline and sub-forum activities. Moreover, the VIP dinner provide many outstanding industry people with chance to talk the future of VR/AR/AI.

Release Nibiru follow-up product planning, development strategy

A follow-up product planning and development strategy of Nibiru will be announced in the summit, including a new version of the core product Nibiru AR/VR system. The second half of the years’ essential product AR / VR development tools - upgraded version of Nibiru studio will also meet with you. This product can greatly improve the developer's application development efficiency. At the same time, many tooling software, such as Nibiru Creator and Nibiru PC, will also be launched.

We are looking forward to your arrival. See you in Nanjing on 1st September !

This is our enrollment. Please scan the QR code and sign up ! See you in the summit !


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