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Nibiru VR Development Nibiru Studio [VR Doc] Studio Basic 2.9&Unity Basic 2.1.0

[VR Doc] Studio Basic 2.9&Unity Basic 2.1.0

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The latest version and upgraded content:

1. Nibiru VR Studio 2.9

1. Add overall  mobile API
2. Add 9-axis  control drag and control following function
3. Add API for  switching between 3Dof and 6Dof
4. Group  supports to add XSurfaceArea. Fix rotation overlap of Group
5. Add  cross-screen input function and resolve EditText cursor movement bugs

2. Nibiru VR Unity 2.1.0

1. Support  windows to pack exe
2. optimize  code and fix bugs

More details please download in here:

NVR SDK Introduction:
(1) Professional graphics rendering service to optimize the 3D graphics rendering process.
(2) Similar to the Android application development method, easy for Android developers to get started quickly.
(3) Provide various UI controls for VR to optimize the visual experience of UI controls in space.
(4) Seamlessly interface with the Nibiru system to minimize rendering delays.
(5) Provide basic support for various types of APP development.

Previous version upgraded content:

Nibiru VR Studio
1.Add engine Camera  position API
2.Add engine IPD API
3.Add one screen display  function which is supported by the system
4.Handle ray truncation  optimization
5.Fix Listview problems in  some cases, GridView problems in content transmission, dynamic refresh size  supported by multiline text and the obtain and the set of the current slide  progress. Fix cropping direction set by Image and other bugs
1.Add system rendering window position and  size APIs
2.Allow Group to add GIF animation controls
3.Fix SetRenderOrder method of XSurfaceArea
4.Modify the size of input device and cursor  position, reduce the white strip probability and fix other bugs

Nibiru VR Unity
Optimize  codes and fix bugs
1. Add system interface.
2. Add nine axis handle.
3. Update documents and fix bugs.

Nibiru Live Player 1.0.0
Nibiru Live Player, playback client of Nibiru screen share,is installed on Android mobile and Android TV. Its main functions are as follows:
1.Device scanning
2.Device connection
3.Reverse interaction
Reverse interaction allows the touch screen response on the shared screen to be back to the terminal devices, so the operation on Nibiru Live Player can be responded on AIO headsets in real time.
1. Increase the system rendering window position and size interface
2. Allow Group to add GIF animation controls
3. Fix the SetRenderOrder method of XSurfaceArea
4. Modify the input device size and cursor position, reduce the white bar probability of text, fix other bugs

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Thank you for creating the SDK!
One request/question: is ambisonic sound supported in Nibiru?
Any pointer on how to achieve this and create a 360° video player, with ambisonic support for nibiru headset?

Many thanks in advance!
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